Remote Recording___

Plugnote will support your process in recording with musicians in Japan.
Our remote system allows you to record in an environment very much like being in the studio.
The remote Composer may speak directly with the musicians, with the support of our translation staff with musical knowledge if necessary.


Sampling and Library Creation___

Plugnote also supports sampling for your library creation.
We will provide the best options that fits the library’s concept, or the sampling instrument.


Orchestration and Arrangement___

With our experience in worldwide recordings, Plugnote will orchestrate your music in a way that is most suitable for the recording country or orchestra.


Preparation for Recording and Mixing___

Plugnote supports your score and data preparation for recording and mixing. With necessary materials shared with us,
we will create the scores and Pro Tools sessions all ready to be used. We can follow any specific guidelines if you have any.
We use the latest versions of Dorico, Sibelius, and Pro Tools.

スコアやPro Tools Sessionの作成など、レコーディング、ミックスに必用な準備をサポートします。
ご希望のフォーマットへの対応も可能です。ソフトウェアは最新版のDorico, Sibelius, Pro Toolsを使用しています。

Plugnote Studio___

Plugnote owns a private music studio in central Tokyo, Japan. It is fully equipped with gears needed for composing, pre-production works, and music creation. It fully supports remote recording and video/audio streaming, and since it is possible to play the picture on a large-sized screen, you can have meetings with Directors while viewing the same picture, and/or stream the meetings so that staff members may join from various locations. This studio fits the various need for Composers.


About Us会社情報


Plugnote provides various services that supports Composer's working process.


Our Story___

Plugnote is a company that offers assistant services for composers.

The most important role of a composer is focus on making creative ideas. However composers today carry many non-creative side tasks that disturb their creative mind. We believe "composing" should purely be a creative process, and we offer services to realize this ideal.

Today, working on projects in an international environment has become the new norm, and remote recording has become very common. Plugnote has experienced remote recording with various countries. From this experience, we are able to orchestrate/arrange your music in a way that is most suitable for the recording environment, and support you in the remote recording process.